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Chartered Accountants

We are a Durban based company who drive business performance through Accounting and Taxation services.

About us

With years of experience in the ownership and operations of several businesses, we are amply equipped to serve your business.

Rob Scott & Craig Stephenson started Scott Stephenson Business Advisory in 2009. All their staff & associates are educated and/or business people themselves, knowing intuitively how to help you position your business for maximum advantage.

Robert Kiyosaki, a great business mind of our time said that we shouldn't take the advice of a portfolio investor who has never in fact invested a cent himself. This mentality could not be more true in terms of our practice. We believe fervently that our business ventures and experience as educators has moulded us a very special team well positioned to help you in your business.

These core values are captured in our recently concepted logo:

SSBA Logo Story

The Founders

Rob Scott

Founder / Partner

Rob is a chartered accountant and registered auditor and is an ex senior lecturer from UKZN (University of Kwazulu-Natal) and a lecturer at DUT (Durban University of Technology).

Previously the Head of Financial Accounting at DUT and the Head of the Treasury Audit Services at BoE Bank Limited and Nedbank Limited his experience positions him well to lead the team at Scott Stephenson Business Advisory.

Rob also presents at seminars and lectures auditing and financial management in various capacities from undergraduate to postgraduate levels.

He is the Vice President of the SAAA (South African Accounting Association) and works regularly with accountancy academics from around the country.

In keeping with his ambition and passion to bridge the gap between accountancy, practice and business Rob has also engaged in a considerable amount of entrepreneurial activity currently and during the course of his life and has many life lessons to draw on whilst engaging staff, clients, associates, students and fellow colleagues and practitioners. He is a member of the finance committee at HP Durban and is a co examiner for the subjects Financial Accounting I and IV at DUT and an external examiner for various subjects at UKZN including Advanced Auditing, a final CTA subject required in order to write the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants board exam.

Rob is registered with SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants), SAIPA (South African Institute of Professional Accountants) and the IRBA (Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors).

– Glenwood High
– Senior Lecturer; Head
– Entrepreneur
– Examiner

Craig Stephenson

Founder / Partner

Previously a Kearney scholar, Craig qualified to register as a chartered accountant before leaving on a world trip to Thailand and South Korea with his wife Tam.

Whilst at Moore Stephens serving his training contract he worked extensively with Rob Scott and Haydn Watkins and assisted them developing an audit application used in Cross-Winds Registered Auditors (partners are Rob Scott and Haydn Watkins) an associate of Scott Stephenson Business Advisory.

Craig pioneered three businesses with Rob whilst launching Scott Stephenson Business Advisory and remains associated with Scott Stephenson Business Advisory.

His passion for business and his knowledge of accountancy are priceless to Scott Stephenson Business Advisory in position ourselves as a leader in entrepreneurship and accountancy space.

– Kearsney
– World Trip
– Entrepreneur

Our Staff

Ian Dey van-Heerden

Practice Manager

Ian Dey van-Heerden obtained his CTA and went on to obtain a highly sought after Higher Diploma in Taxation and is Doctor of Business Administration and a member of CIMA, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Ian has been instrumental in positioning Scott Stephenson Business Advisory, his talent and expertise have been a pillar on which our practice has been built. Currently involved in accrediting Scott Stephenson Business Advisory as a registered training organisation Ian is an invaluable source of advice and inspiration and shares the lecturing of the financial management syllabus at the Institute of Marketing Management Support Centre with Rob.

They hope to launch a Finance for Financial and Non-Financial Manager and Entrepreneurs course in the near future.

– Phd
– Doctor of Business Administration
– Higher Diploma in Taxation
– Financial Management

Our Associates

Michael Greenham

Mike was a consultant at Pim Goldby (became Deloitte) specializing in the 7S management approach. As a chartered accountant, previously the Head of Financial Accounting at DUT and the Chief Financial Officer at MICA he is very well positioned to impact your business, large or small with his advisory experience.

Mike offers his advice through the services of Scott Stephenson Business Advisory.

Haydn Watkins

Haydn has been a trusted friend and colleague to Rob and provides invaluable advice and direction to the business.

As the architect of IFAM (Integrated Fundamental Audit Methodology), the official software of choice used by Cross-Winds Registered Auditors and Scott Stephenson Business Advisory his relationship with Rob has been very fruitful indeed.

At Moore Stephens CJL for 20 years his partnership with Charles Reid and Craig Davidson positioned him extremely well as a highly experienced senior partner and he shares this experience freely.

Currently employed by Curries Post Trading Company it is Scott Stephenson Business Advisory and Cross-Winds Registered Auditors heartfelt desire to see IFAM become a product of choice at leading global audit practices and educational institutions.

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We aspire to build honest, long-lasting relationships with our clients, always looking for creative ways to better serve our profession.

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